See how AvPay can

Increase Sales & Push Your Services

Airports & Airfields
Display your full range of services, facilities, promotions and events. Allowing pilots to pay on their mobiles reduces staff and it’s also COVID-safe.

Open yourself up to new clients by openly displaying your services and prices. Make it easier for existing FBO clients to pay for services and track their fees.

Gliding Clubs
Encourage new members to join your Gliding Club and showcase your fleet of gliders to a new audience. Offer gift vouchers and sell Memberships.

Flying Schools & Clubs
Make it easier for pilots to find the aircraft they’d like to fly. Boost sales with gift vouchers, process payments for training and sell your flight equipment.

Aviation Maintenance Companies
Placing yourself on the AvPay Map opens you up to new pilots and makes it easier for you to take payment from your customers.

Other Aviation Companies
If you work in the Aviation sector then this is a great place to list your business, whether it be selling parts, brokering or providing marketing and other services. Get in front of the clients you want to work with.

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Aviation Companies can upsell, cross-sell and list all their services, encouraging pre-payments and additional purchases.

  • Increase Revenue

    Sell your full range of services, by displaying them in one, easily-accessible profile.

  • Increase GA Traffic at your Airport

    Encourage pilots to visit your airport by displaying your full range of facilities, promotions, fly-ins and events.

  • Discount Codes

    Add discount codes to encourage pilots to purchase more services at your airport.

  • Upsell

    Offer additional services to pilots, booking through Avpay. "Paying a landing fee? Would you also like some fuel?"


Maintenance Organisations
  • Send Invoices

    Enable fast, secure, online payments through AvPay.


  • Get Paid Quicker

    AvPay makes it easier and faster for organisations to pay & receive payments.

  • Management

    Keep track of current, future and previous contract work.

  • Show up in Directories

    Have your company listed as a local Maintenance Provider in your region.

Flying Schools & Clubs
  • Sell Equipment

    Makes it easier for Flying Schools & Clubs to sell flight equipment & merchandise.

  • Events

    Promote your events with banners on AvPay.


  • Upsell

    Offer additional services to your customers when they book through AvPay with up-sells and cross-sells.

  • Online menu

    Full online control of all services and merchandise that your company wants to offer through AvPay.