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Erradi Mustapha Engineer

Currently, I hold the position of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer category B1, I hold
a technical baccalaureate, BTS degree and MASTER degree. I hope have the privilege of being among the candidates selected for the position of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer B1 in a renowned Company.

I have acquired 11 years of professional experience in the field of aircraft maintenance, where my task is the daily maintenance of the aircraft before each flight on base and line maintenance. I was framed and trained by excellent Aircraft Engineers, controllers and leaders of the Royal Air Morocco, and I received the following aircraft qualifications Easa level III: Boeing B787 8-9 and B 737 NG.

The profession of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer came to me as obvious and it is with a real enthusiasm that I exercise daily. Believing to have the responsibility of
passenger safety, I am extremely rigorous in my missions. This would allow me to consolidate my assets. I believe I have the required qualities. I am vigilant, very rigorous, respectful safety rules, resistant to noise and all types of climate, strongly loving my job,
I feel no constraint to work in staggered hours, as well as to work on weekends, holidays, at day and night.

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