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In Flight Services From Av8Jet Charter

In-Flight services from Av8Jet Charter include the provision of cabin crew, on board catering, cabin customisation & decoration and entertainment to suit all ages.

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Company / Seller Location: Malta, N/A, Sliema


Cabin Crew
In mid-size jets & upwards cabin crew are generally provided. Our Flight attendants provide safety & the highest level of customer service. Professional cabin crew are trained annually to ensure they are up to date with all the latest safety standards & procedures.

Cabins are always stocked with snacks & beverages on-board. On light jets, cold breakfasts, sandwiches, & fruit are provided depending on the time of day. On mid-size & upward aircrafts, these are typically fitted with ovens or microwaves so if you would like something hot or it is a special occasion, let us know what you would like & do tell us your dietary requirements so we can make sure everything is perfect for you.

We can customise the cabin to suit your needs. Whatever your requirements, just let us know in advance so we can start the preparations. Would you like your company branding displayed throughout? Or perhaps it is a special occasion you would like the cabin decorated for; we will try our best to assist you in your preferences & requirements to help enhance the experience you have with us on-board.

Movies, games, music, audio books & so much more. Genres to suit all personalities. If that’s not enough, we have an array of activity & colouring books with stickers for the younger children. Please let us know your preferences before the flight so we can get things ready for you.

The typical average baggage is around 29lbs / 13kg. Generally, you can bring as much luggage with you as you like (as long as it fits in the hold). If you would like to bring more, do let us know in advance, as not all jets have the same size of holds.

We know how important staying connected can be. Mid-size jets & larger typically have this facility on-board but please do check with us beforehand as it is not guaranteed & let us know if it is something you require.