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Gyrocopter Test Flights From Aviation Artur Trendak

A gyroplane flight is a great opportunity to test your aviation skills or experience unforgettable moments at the controls of an ultralight aircraft & admire the landscape from an unusual perspective.

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Company / Seller Location: Poland, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Jaktorow - Kolonia

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You dare to break away from the ground & you will see everything that pilots are delighted. Security is provided by a group of experienced instructors (World & European champions) who can give you control in the air! The opportunity to take unique pictures from the bird’s eye view & record the whole flight in the ultralight cab distinguishes our gyroplanes from other aircraft.

For our clients we have prepared three gyroplane flight packages:

Flight before joining the course – a package created for people who want to test their flight skills & start the course of the Qualification Certificate UAGP.

Exclusive flight – flight & demonstration of the possibilities of exclusive gyroplane models in the air. The perfect solution for a gift.

Sports flight – a sports gyroplane flight with the champions of Europe & the World. Guaranteed injection of adrenaline, dedicated to people with strong nerves.

The participant may appear with accompanying persons. It is possible to document the flight.

If you have additional questions or would like to make an appointment for flights, please contact us.