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Drone Recovery Net RN86

The NMAND Recovery Net RN86 permits a quick & efficient recovery of professional UAV systems. Its ease of transport & assembly allows the safe operation of drone systems on boats or remote locations without requiring a landing strip.

Fixed wing UAVs can carry out high endurance operations, providing outstanding results in their missions. However, in these operations there is often no runway nearby. In order to l& in these locations, Embention has developed the RN86 for the recovery of UAVs up to 40Kg & 25m/s stall speed.

Ground or Vessel Landing

High Reliability & Safety

Easy to Use

Detachable System

Up to 40Kg & 25m/s

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Recovery Net 2

Easy Operation

One of the main advantages of the Recovery Net RN86 is its ease of transportation, assembly, maintenance & use. The whole system is fully transportable in two suitcases specially designed for this purpose. These robust suitcases allow the transportation of the system bringing the maximum protection to the equipment.

Thanks to its modular composition it can be assembled in a short period of time. In addition, the detailed Embention user manual will provide the required knowledge to carry out the mounting, maintenance & system configuration in a few steps & always with the availability of our support team.


The state of the art in safety. The Embention team has designed easy & simple protocols to perform the UAV recovery operation in the safest way. Besides, RN86 Recovery Net has been developed according to the highest security standards with smart safety features.

Taking into account parameters such as the wind direction, the surface type & the distances to obstacles, a no trespassing area is defined during the operation. Operators will remain outside this safety area ensuring the safety in the UAV recovery operation.

Recovery Net 3

Landing Accuracy

The Landing Net solution provides an advanced accurate-point recovery method for UAVs. The Net is a high grade quality industrial safety net with 8x6m, 48 square meters of surface. With this area the recovery net allows it to safely l& UAVs with up to 3 meters wing-span.

The dimensions of this UAV Landing Net, in combination with the positioning accuracy of the Veronte Autopilot 1x permits it to safely perform fully autonomous landings. The embedded RTK module included in the Veronte Autopilot provides the positioning accuracy needed so manual corrections are not necessary.

Recovery Net 4


A robust aluminium structure is used for holding the vertical net between two poles at the same time it includes an innovative design to absorb the energy of the UAV to stop it without damaging the frame. The structure includes a mechanical stopper in order to prevent undesired movements & swinging.

It is made with a lightweight structure composed of aluminium 6061 that brings a great resistance to shocks & corrosion. It provides a high grade of reliability along the time & maintains the low weight to ensure the ease of transportation & mount.