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Non-Emergency Medical Private Jet From Kull Jet

When most people think of a private jet charter, the image of luxurious travel to remote locations immediately comes to mind. As it turns out, another extremely important private jet charter, designed for non-medical emergencies with wheelchair accessibility, operates above the ground—dedicated to providing life-saving commutes for the injured. With experienced & trained medical personnel on board, the private jet medical charter ensures a speedy medevac or air ambulance service during a tense time & a peaceful journey back home by limiting the patients’ out-of-pocket expenses.

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Our Services
Non-Emergency Medical Transport
Stable patients who cannot medically afford to travel by traditional means owing to oxygen requirements, intensive care equipment, mobility challenges, or for convenience & comfort must utilize non-emergency medical transportation to fly safely from one area to another. With experienced & trained medical personnel on board, our private jet medical transport service ensures that the non-emergent patients’ needs are appropriately taken care of via full medical bed-to-bed service.

Private Jet with Wheelchair Accessibility
From long queues & lineups to uncomfortable security screening procedures, packed seats, & limited leg space on commercial flights, the travelling experience for patients with wheelchairs may be nerve-wracking & taxing—this is where a private jet with wheelchair accessibility comes in. At Kull Jet, we ensure that the medical requirements of patients on wheelchairs, who cannot travel alone & manoeuvre through a busy public airport on their own, are completely taken care of.

Why you should order Private Jet Medical Transport?
Point-To-Point travel
Environmentally friendly
Wheelchair Accessibility
Intensive medical care
Time & energy-efficient
Zero traffic disruptions

There are times when you need to move any injured member long-distance, but they cannot take a standard medical flight; this is where we come in. With an abundance of private jet services available, what makes Kull Jet any different? We work day & night to deliver cutting-edge private jet services that put the injured patient at the heart of a secure & on-demand travel experience—whether flying in a non-emergency medical transport or a private jet with wheelchair accessibility.