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Pro-Fly 4.5 Double Skydiving Chamber

Spacious Flight Chamber
Perfectly round at entrance level, 4 layers of 10 mm glass with an anti⁠-⁠reflective coating and noise and temperature insulating interlayers.

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Company / Seller Location: Germany, N/A, Eberdingen

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Profly Double 2

Profly Double 3

Noise Level

With active air cooling, the noise level is comparable to an office during working hours, making it possible to hold a conversation next to the Flight Chamber without raising your voice. When operational, the indoor facility cannot be heard from outside, so it can be installed in residential complexes.

Without active cooling & with an open roof, the noise level will rise.

Fly Station Japan is the world’s first indoor skydiving facility to operate successfully inside a residential complex.

Profly Double 4


Additional Options

BASE Jumping Chamber  

Two chambers installed beneath the ceiling of the Flight Chamber.

The fuselage of a real helicopter or other aircraft can be integrated into the chamber to practice exits at altitude & other special operations.

Active cooling system

Enables any temperature to be maintained within the Flight Chamber, irrespective of the weather outside.

Air can be cooled to 5 °C to simulate real operational conditions at jump altitude.

Bad Weather Simulator

Steam & condensate generators help to simulate exits in rain or thick cloud.


Equalizes even small amounts of turbulence, making the air in the Flight Chamber as similar as possible to the air encountered in the open sky.

Development & Operation

Footprint dimensions: 33 × 11 m 108.3⁠ ⁠×⁠ ⁠36⁠ ⁠ft

Facility height: 33 m 108.3 ft

Possible underground: 10 m 32.8 ft

Power consumption: 250 kW · h (One hour of beginner flights     )

Staff: 22 employees

Average load: 15 clients per hour

Maximum: 26

Age restrictions: 4 & over

Equipment manufacture: 6 months

Delivery of components to construction site: up to 2 months

Component assembly: 3 months (can be carried out during finishing work)

Equipment operating life: 30 years

Software guarantee & support: 5 years


Mechanical equipment

  1. Flight chamber package
  2. Turning vanes
  3. Ducts & diffusers
  4. Axial fans
  5. Electronic
  6. AF compartment
  7. Ventilation system
  8. Airtight chamber, waiting chamber, ticket reader
  9. Media equipment (optional, together with booking & photo & video system)
  10. Lower duct drainage
  11. Lighting
  12. Environmental monitoring system
  13. Server equipment
  14. Equipment for operating staff
  15. Gearing
  16. Set of overalls, helmets, & goggles for training sessions


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