Originally established 2001 in Australia, Indigo Lyon is an independent privately held company headquartered in Altrincham, United Kingdom, boasting a global business operations footprint providing private individuals, businesses and governments with:

Business jet, turboprop and helicopter sales brokerage and acquisition services;
Business aviation operations solutions and general aviation business development consultancy services;
Investment, sales and distribution opportunities for innovative aerospace and other advanced engineering technology products and services.

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Aircraft Acquisition
As well as providing you professional advice on the type of aircraft that best satisfies your travel or enterprise objectives, Indigo Lyon will:
Find you the right aircraft & provide you a complete aircraft acquisition, trade, acceptance, delivery & entry-into-operations professional advisory, planning & execution management service.
Advise & professionally manage each step of the acquisition process, from the market research & product assessment phase, through the key stages of valuation, selecting equipment & maintenance plans & assisting with negotiation, contracting, completions, pre-purchase inspection, delivery & the provision of aftermarket services.

Aircraft Disposal
Selling sophisticated aircraft in an educated & information-saturated global market is not just about understanding & presenting a range of product. Aside from the company principal’s two decades of aircraft sales experience & international sales track record, Indigo Lyon’s transportations solutions approach to the aircraft marketing & sales process enhances opportunities to expedite the sale of your aircraft. On your behalf, Indigo Lyon will plan, recommend & execute detailed aircraft marketing & sales strategies & oversee all aspects of the promotion & sales transaction process, including contracting, payment & delivery.

Aircraft Completions Management
When you purchase a new aircraft Indigo Lyon will advise you on the need for & selection of a completions management service during the interior design, contracting & installation period. Indigo Lyon is partnered with qualified & experienced aircraft completions management professionals responsible for ensuring the work undertaken by your completions contractor fully complies in design & functionality with contracted interior & equipment drawings & specifications.

Aircraft Acceptance & Delivery Management
Whether you are purchasing a new or pre-owned aircraft, Indigo Lyon will advise you on the engagement, under our direct management, of qualified professionals to take care of the aircraft pre-delivery inspection & test flight & final acceptance & delivery process. An acceptance & delivery professional will confirm the final product conforms to contracted specifications & guarantee the accuracy of paperwork, the functionality of systems & the condition of paintwork & interior. We will also arrange & manage the process of final delivery, including ferry flight, to your final destination.

Aircraft Import, Taxation & Registration
Indigo Lyon is not a taxation specialist, but we work closely with professional organizations qualified & registered to advise you on aircraft ownership & tax structures & assist in the aircraft registration process in collaboration with the selected aircraft operations management company & the appropriate local civil aviation authority.

Aircraft Operations Management & Income from Charter
Third party charter while you are not using your aircraft will provide you with an income stream to help reduce your costs of aircraft ownership. Indigo Lyon’s principal has more than ten years’ experience in both tactical aircraft management sales & contracting & strategic aircraft management leadership. As accomplished & highly competent aircraft management & charter business modelers & operations analysts, Indigo Lyon will:
Advise you on private & commercial aircraft operations management options, including generating income from charter.
Assist you to develop aircraft operations budgets.
Recommend & interact on your behalf with professional aircraft management operators, including analysing proposals, selecting the operator best qualified to manage your aircraft & negotiating aircraft management contracts.

Aviation Sales & Operations Business Development Consultancy
Indigo Lyon provides general aviation sales, distribution, operations & aftermarket services business planning & execution management to aircraft sales & aviation support enterprises seeking to restructure, grow & expand their business activity, particularly into international markets. Indigo Lyon will conduct the necessary market research, prepare strategic & tactical business plans & interview, recommend & manage the due diligence process when selecting potential regional partners.


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