What is AvPay

What is AvPay?

AvPay is an Aviation Marketplace & Directory that lets companies present their brand, products & services in front of the market, while empowering consumers by giving them the ability to search and find the company, product or service they require.

Listing your company on AvPay takes no time at all, as we do everything for you.

Aviation Companies can join one of the following memberships to list their company on AvPay: Marketplace & Directory Membership & Aircraft for Sale Membership.

Each membership has different features including:

  • Business profile page which includes sections for Services, About Us & Gallery
  • Directory listing, allowing customers to locate you easily
  • Office hours breakdown
  • Live social media feeds – each time you update your social media, it automatically updates on your AvPay profile
  • Messaging feature, allowing prospects to email you through AvPay
  • The ability to sell products and services online

Best of all, our Zero Workload service means all you have to do is send over your company details and we will list everything for you!

Why AvPay is great for Customers

AvPay provides a platform where customers can find products & services from aviation companies around the world.

AvPay has many features that helps customers keep track of their favourite companies, products and services, such as:

  • Add Aviation Companies to your favourite list
  • Add products & services to your wish list
  • Compare product and services
  • Direct messaging system with companies 
  • Discounts from companies
  • Access to promotions and events
  • Fast payment for services
  • History of previous orders
  • Use location drop down to find Aviation companies, products & services with ease

Benefits of Joining AvPay for Aviation Companies

  • Marketplace with Directory or Aircraft for Sale Memberships

    Choose the right type of membership that suits your business

  • Increase Revenue

    Sell your full range of products & services, by displaying them all on AvPay

  • Sell Equipment

    Makes it easier for Companies to sell equipment & merchandise to existing & new customers

  • Send Invoices

    Invoices can be sent to your customers through AvPay

  • Secure Payments

    Integrated secure payment gateway using Stripe

  • Discount Codes

    Add discount codes to entice new custom

  • Fast & Easy Process

    Makes it easier and faster for clients to pay for products & services

  • Management

    Keep track of orders, payments & invoices

  • Reduce Queues

    Reduce queues and direct customers to AvPay for payments for PPR, Landings, Fuel etc...

  • Show up in Directories

    Have your company and services listed in your preferred Aviation Directory

  • Increase Customers

    Get in front of an Aviation audience and display your full range of services & products

  • Events

    Promote and sell tickets for your events

  • Upsell

    Offer additional services to your customers when they order with related services and products

  • Get Paid Quickly

    Get paid quickly for orders placed through AvPay

  • Zero Workload

    Our Zero Workload service means all you have to do is send over the details and we will list it for you.

AvPay provides a Marketplace where Aircraft Brokers, Manufacturers, Flying Clubs & Schools & Private Sellers can list their new & used Aircraft for Sale.

Sell any Aircraft type such as Single & Multi Engine Piston Airplanes, Jet Aircraft, Gliders, Electric Aircraft, Gyrocopters, Turbine & Piston Helicopters. Microlights, Ultralights, Hang Gliders, Military Aircraft, Motor Gliders and Turboprops.

AvPay puts your Aircraft in front of buyers around the world.

Our Zero Workload service means all you have to do is send over the Aircraft details and we will list it for you.

Advantages of using AvPay for taking online Payments

  • Improve Resource Allocation

    AvPay removes the need to have dedicated staff manning a payment station at all times, freeing them up for other duties. In an Airfield environment it’s great for allowing pilots to pay for out-of-hours flying & landings.

  • Improved Security

    Online payments through AvPay remove the need for having large amounts of cash at your facility.

  • Automated System

    Invoices are generated automatically and our system allows you to track your sales quickly and easily.

  • Payment Methods

    AvPay's payment processor "Stripe" accepts all major credits cards & mobile payments such as Google Pay and Apple Pay

  • Faster Transactions

    Taking payments through AvPay gets you your money quicker.

  • Ease of Access

    Clients no longer need to present themselves at your payment desk, to pay. They can simply pay online & through their mobile phones. Missed payments can be easily emailed to your clients.

  • Boost Sales

    Discount vouchers & codes paired with easy access to your products & services encourage your customers to buy more from your AvPay business profile.

  • Secure Payment processing

    AvPay uses Stripe as its payment processor. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, Stripe use the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security.

AvPay makes it easier to find Aviation Companies with our Directory pages.


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