What is AvPay?

AvPay is an Aviation Marketplace & Directory that connects Aircraft Buyers with Aircraft Sellers, Aircraft Brokers with Aircraft Owners and the Aviation Market with the Aviation Community. AvPay lets Aircraft Sellers promote their Aircraft in an easy-to-search format and provides Aviation Companies and Aviation Organisations with a Marketplace to grow their Brand.

About AvPay

Based in Manchester, AvPay is a world-leading Aviation Marketplace that services both the General Aviation and Business Aviation Communities by offering users a wide range of Aircraft For Sale, Wanted Aircraft, Aviation Services, Aviation Products, Aviation Directories and Aviation News. Over the years AvPay has helped its customers sell everything from Piper PA28s to Aircraft Covers, Aircraft Harnesses and Flying Experiences!

Advertising on AvPay is on a subscription basis and there are two ways to subscribe:

  • Companies can register to list their Brand, Products and Services here
  • Private Sellers and Aircraft Brokers can register to list their Aircraft here

Promote your Brand, Aircraft, Products, Services and News with the Aviation Market’s Leading Marketplace!

AvPay For Aircraft Sellers

The AvPay team has been successfully connecting Aircraft Buyers with Aircraft Sellers since 2013. AvPay is the go-to resource for Aircraft Sales and offers both private and professional aircraft sellers easy access to the latest Aircraft For Sale and Wanted Aircraft Listings from across the world. From Cessna 152s to King Airs and Boeing Business Jets, AvPay is continually being updated with new Aircraft Listings. Tens of thousands of Aircraft Buyers are regularly using AvPay to compare a wide range of Aircraft Categories such as Jet Aircraft, Turboprops, Single Engine Pistons, Hang Gliders, Multi Engine Pistons, Gliders, Gyrocopters, Helicopters, Microlights, Motor Gliders and Military Aircraft.

Aircraft Sellers can enrich their listings on AvPay by including high-quality images, videos and by including the Top Features of their aircraft. Aircraft Sellers use AvPay’s Global Presence to generate direct leads on their Aircraft For Sale. Over the years AvPay has helped sell hundreds of Aircraft and has now established itself as one of the most powerful Aircraft Sales Marketplaces worldwide.

Aircraft Sellers trust AvPay to sell their aircraft for the best price, in the quickest amount of time. Advertising your Aircraft on AvPay gets results!

AvPay For Aviation Companies

AvPay is the go-to resource the Aviation Market uses to find Aircraft For Charter, Aircraft For Hire, Flying Experiences, Flight Equipment, Drone Pilot Hire, Skydiving, Flight Training, Flight Simulator Experiences, Aviation Services and much, much more.

Our online reach through both the Aviation Marketplace and our Social Media Presence is world-leading and helps advertisers on AvPay expand their global reach and generate new business.

The AvPay team is here to help you utilise our Worldwide Reach to connect you with the greatest number of prospects possible. Our goal is to help you generate the best Return On Investment from your advertising campaign by offering you the greatest amount of visibility through Directory Listings, Product and Service Listings, Online Banners, Social Media Marketing, Email Broadcasts and Recommendations.

AvPay is investing heavily in Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and this is all helping AvPay’s advertisers reach the market more and more effectively, with every passing month.

AvPay has become a globally-recognised brand within the Aviation Industry and offers advertisers comprehensive solutions to help grow their businesses. Advertising your Company, Products and Services on AvPay gets results!

To discover more about Listing your Company, Aircraft, Products and Services on AvPay, fill-out the form or call +44 161 505 2653.

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Why Choose AvPay?









  • Global Reach

    • Over 1,150 Aviation Companies trust AvPay to market their brand, products and services from over 80 different countries
    • Reach users from all over the world
  • Aviation Industry Expertise

    • Browse thousands of News Articles written by industry experts
    • Already an industry expert? Let everybody know you’re a market-leader by sharing posts on our News Pages!
  • Time-Saving

    • Our Zero Workload Website means that we carry-out all of your updates, freeing-up your valuable time to focus on nurturing your prospects, closing deals and prospecting for new business
  • Easy to List

    • Once registered on AvPay simply email your aircraft, products or services to us and we’ll get everything online for you!
  • Professional Assistance

    • The AvPay team has over a decade of experience in the aviation industry and is connected with a huge, global network of aviation companies that can help you and your business achieve success
  • Aviation Industry Experts

    • The AvPay team has a deep knowledge and a wealth of experience in the aviation industry to help you maximise your potential

Benefits of Advertising on AvPay

Social media Exposure from AvPay
  • Focussed Aviation Audience

    • Gain access to a Global Aviation Audience of tens of thousands of monthly users worldwide
  • Increased Visibility

    • Benefit from AvPay’s massive 100,000+ Aviation Following on Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, X, Threads and LinkedIn
  • Increased Credibility

    • Associating your business with a reputable marketplace such as AvPay shows the Aviation Community that you’re serious about doing business and helps accelerate growth
  • Cost-Effective

    • Just because we’re in the Aviation Industry doesn’t mean that prices should be increased! AvPay offers cost-effective advertising solutions for Aviation Companies and Aircraft Sellers worldwide.