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Ever wanted to fly a Plane or Helicopter? How about Sky Diving or Hot Air Balloons? or do you have dreams of becoming a Pilot? Book a flying experience with one of our Flight Experience companies. With locations in UK, US, Europe, Africa and around the world, you could be soaring through the skies, looking down on beautiful landscapes.

Book a flying lesson as a gift or for yourself, Instructors will guide you on the basics of handling an aircraft, whilst you take control and fly like a bird.

Enjoy a flying experience up in the air as you are flown around historic cities and beautiful rural countryside. Have you ever seen your house or region from the air? Now you can, by finding a flight experience operator that flies from your local airfield. Find Sightseeing Scenic Pleasure Flights & Flying Experiences on AvPay.

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Flight and Flying Experiences FAQ

A flight experience helps you achieve your dream, whether this is the first step to learning to fly or you simply want to enjoy the sensation of flying. Experiences come in all shapes and sizes, in a range of aircraft types from helicopters, gyrocopters, gliders to aeroplanes. There are plenty of unique settings to enjoy your flight from soaring over vast coastlines, taking a bird’s-eye view of a city, or viewing your favourite football stadium from a new angle. Whatever you choose you simply sit back and enjoy the view whilst your pilot guides you through the sky. 

Just about anyone can enjoy a flight experience, however there may be some restrictions on solo children and those with certain health conditions. Please check with your flight experience provider should you have any concerns.