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AvPay is an Aviation Marketplace & Directory that lets companies present their brand, products and services in front of the market.

An AvPay profile includes your contact details, about you content, live social media feeds, products listings, services content, gallery, opening hours & messaging system – they’re like adding a new shop window to your business!

With our Zero Workload Service, all you have to do is provide us with the content and we'll add it for you.

Marketplace & Directory

£100 for 1 Year

    1 YEAR


    A webpage on AvPay dedicated to your company


    Your Company will be listed in one or more directories


    Sell your services & products (max 20)


    We list and update your profile, services & products on AvPay

    *Your first payment will be charged immediately, and we will charge the yearly fee to your stored payment method on a recurring basis until you cancel. You can cancel at any time, effective at the end of the payment period. No refunds or credits will be given for partial years.

    AvPay with Flightline

    AvPay's Marketplace & Directory Membership features everything you need to showcase your business and get new customers.

    Company profile includes;

    • About section - introduction about your business
    • Services section - list of services you offer
    • Office hours - list the times you are open
    • Live social media feed - facebook live feed
    • Messaging system - customers can contact you directly with queries
    • Gallery - images that represent your business, products or services
    • Map - location of your business
    • Logo and banners - company logo and header banner
    • Contact details - contact details of your company

    List your Products and Services

    • Up to a maximum of 20 product or service listings, if you need more contact us
    • Product / services listed on your profile as well as in the Marketplace
    • All listings have an enquiry button which goes straight to your account
    • Banners and links on your listings linking back to your profile page
    • List products / services with a price or read more button
    • Social media posts advertising your products / services to our large social network on multiple platforms
    • Your listings will also include your store url
    • Related products shown on your listings will only be from your account
    • This membership is not for Aircraft Sales or Aircraft Brokers. Aircraft Memberships are here

    And don't forget, We add all this to your profile, all you have to do is send over the information.

    Join AvPay to Sell your Aircraft & Aviation Products & Services

    Why list your Company on AvPay?

    Zero Workload Website

    Once you’ve signed-up, we'll get back to you within 3 business working days with a link to your profile. If you need to add, edit or remove anything, simply email [email protected] and we’ll do all the work for you!

    Value for Money

    No other Aviation Marketplace & Directory Website can offer so much value for such a low price!

    Be Part of a Global Aviation Community

    More than 1000 aviation companies and over 3,800 aviation products & services are already selling and being promoted through AvPay.

    Proven Track Record

    AvPay is built on over 10 years in the Aviation industry.

    Aircraft Sales Memberships

    AvPay's Aircraft Sales Memberships are designed for Aircraft Brokers, Private Aircraft Sellers, Flying Schools and Aircraft Manufacturers.

    • List up to 40 Aircraft
    • List all types of Aircraft
    • Messaging System for potential buyers to contact you
    • Buy button disabled
    • Business Profile to showcase your company and will remain active even when you don't have any inventory
    • Special features only for Aircraft Sales
    • We add all your listings, you just need to send over the specs
    • Social media posts to boost your Aircraft Listings
    • Monthly and Yearly Subscription options

    Aircraft Sales Memberships can be found here