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Mk IX Spitfire At Sim2do

This simulator was developed & designed with a desire to make flight in this historic aircraft as real as possible without the cost or risk of having to take the actual aircraft into the sky. Having the most immersive Spitfire flight experience in the world within reach of many, born out by the huge popularity of our commercial simulator centre. It’s the closest thing to flying a real Spitfire.

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What’s Included
You will arrive at Sim2do Simulator Centre for your flight. The first stage of the experience is a short briefing & 30 minutes on our training simulator, getting you familiar with flight instruments, start-up, taxi, take-off, flight controls & landing to prepare you for your flight in the Spitfire. Once this is completed, you will receive a briefing on the Spitfire systems, flight characteristics & proceed to your flight in the Mk IX Spitfire.

We have several scenarios to select from:
Battle of Britain Dogfight
Learn how to take-off & land the plane safely
Choice of World War Two airfields & many more

The Fuselage
For over 80 years, the Supermarine Spitfire has enraptured the nation. Now, you can experience piloting the real thing in a truly immersive, scratch-built simulator, with a complete replica cockpit, analogue controls & tactile feedback that surrounds you in the sights, sounds, & feel of the iconic machine. Built by Sim2do, everything from the design of the seat to the cosmetic de-icing systems, at an extraordinary level of detail to produce one of the most evocative, immersive Spitfire simulator available on the market today.

Visual & Sound System
The fuselage is mounted within a 3 meter diameter screen that covers 220 degrees. The simulator instructor will be talking to you through a GA headset as an air traffic controller would. Sound for the glorious Merlin engine is provided through tactile transducers so you are basically sitting inside the speaker system & it feels totally authentic with a tactile seat! The propeller of the aircraft is projected as are the wings correct to size & scale!