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About Aircraft Hangarage & Parking

Find Aircraft Hangarage & Aircraft Parking spaces at Airports & Airfields.
Our network of Aviation Companies on Avpay provide secure and spacious hangarage and outdoor parking for a range of aircraft, from microlights, to jets, helicopters and boeing 737-800 sized aircraft.

Whether you need to rent an aircraft hangar space for a short term, such as daily, nightly & weekly or for a long term, such as monthly and yearly, our hangarage providers offer a cost-effective solution to keep your aircraft safe and secure.

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Hangarage FAQ

A hangar is a large building or structure usually used for the storage of aircraft. 

The greeted benefit to storing your aircraft in a hangar is that it will lower overall maintenance costs for your aircraft significantly. Protecting your aircraft from the sun, wind, snow, and hail can prevent repairs caused by these elements.