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About Skydiving & Parachuting

Do you want to learn how to skydive? Are you ready to throw yourself out of a plane at 14,000 feet? How does 60 seconds of freefalling sound to you?

On AvPay you can find Skydiving & Parachuting centres all over the world, use the map to find a location where you would like to have a skydive and either purchase through AvPay or contact the company for more information.

AvPay also has a great selection of skydiving suits, helmets, gear, equipment and casual clothes from some well known brands in the skydiving industry.

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Skydiving FAQ

What is Skydiving?

Skydiving is both an activity and sport, where people jump from an aircraft freefall, and perform acrobatic manoeuvres, before landing by parachute on the ground. 

Do I need any qualifications to Skydive?

To skydive solo you will be required to follow a recognised program of training to prove your competency. This includes both practical and theoretical training on the ground and in the air. Usually after 15-25 jumps, you will be a skydiver in your own right. 

What is a tandem Skydive?

Tandem skydiving offers a quick and easy introduction to free-fall. Attached securely to a tandem instructor who takes charge of all the necessary procedures, there is virtually no experience needed to enjoy a tandem skydive.

What are the basic requirements for a tandem Skydive?

Aside from some weight and minimum age requirements pretty much anyone who has a reasonable level of fitness can enjoy a tandem skydive.

Is it scary to Skydive?

Most people are a little scared when they are preparing to skydive, and this mind-over-matter feeling is what makes people love skydiving. Your instructors will help you mentally prepare for the jump by dress rehearsing and teaching you techniques to conquer the fear.

How long do you freefall for?

This varies depending on the height you jump from. If jumping from 10,000ft about 30 seconds, from 15,000ft about 60 seconds. 

How fast is freefall?

When freefalling during a skydive you can reach speeds of up to 125mph.

Where can you Skydive from?

You will need to attend a dedicated skydive jump airfield (or dropzone). There are thousands across the globe so there should be one near you. To find your nearest skydiving centre visit the AvPay skydiving directory.

Can I bring spectators to my tandem Skydive?

Yes, spectators are welcome in the spectator viewing area and they will have a great time watching you prepare for your flight. They can also help capture your special day by photographing your landing.