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About Aircraft Maintenance & Inspections

Aircraft maintenance is essential and is highly regulated, an aircraft should be booked in for maintenance after a certain amount of time or usage. Keep your aircraft safe and maintain airworthiness by booking yourself in, to one of our licenced aircraft maintenance and inspection companies.

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Aircraft Maintenance and Inspection FAQ

What is Aircraft Maintenance?

Aircraft maintenance covers the restoration, repair, modification, overhaul and inspection of aircraft components, in order to sustain or restore the airworthiness of an aircraft.

Why is it important to maintain my aircraft?

It is important to maintain your aircraft in order to operate the aircraft safety, maintain the aircraft’s airworthiness, to keep the aircraft in service and to maximise the value of the asset.

What are the types of maintenance of an aircraft?

Maintenance consists of a mixture of preventive and corrective work as well as an ongoing inspections to monitor the progress of wear and tear. This includes scheduled and preventive maintenance in order to help prevent system or structural failures. Unscheduled maintenance in its simplest form is when you fix something once it breaks.

What is a pre-purchase inspection of an aircraft?

A pre-purchase inspection sets out to examine the aircraft for any damage and wear that might not be evident to the untrained eye. The inspection includes reviewing all available records and documentation for the aircraft. 

Why should I get a pre-purchase inspection before buying an aircraft?

A pre-purchase inspection protects the buyer ensuring the transaction is fair and above board. A qualified and reputable company will critically inspect your aircraft and provide an unbiased and independent review of the airworthiness of the aircraft. 

What should I look for when appointing an Aircraft Maintenance company?

Aircraft maintenance is a heavily regulated industry. You should ask the company about their experience with your aircraft type and the skill level of the technicians working on it. Ask other owners and pilots in your area, take a look at the facility, look for certification and take time to visit the facility plenty of times ahead of your planned work. 

What other inspections are carried out on an aircraft?

As well as pre-flight visual inspections carried out by the pilots, aircraft must undergo a regular service schedule including annual inspections and at intervals determined by the number of hours flown. 

What is an MRO and what does it stand for?

The term MRO is an acronym that stands for maintenance, repair, and overhaul. The term is used to describe the set of operations and activities that are associated with the upkeep of aircraft.