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About Aircraft Detailing, Cleaning & Valeting

Aviation Valeting Companies offer a range of cleaning services for all types of aircraft, they can travel to your home airfield or you will need to fly to their location for a clean.

Aircraft cleaning services include; aircraft detailing, aircraft valeting, helicopter cleaning, interior and exterior aircraft cleaning, jet washing, hoovering, polishing, waxing & degreasing

Our expert partners on AvPay use only the best approved cleaning products for the aviation industry and have experienced staff who will provide a professional service to achieve an immaculate finish.

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Aircraft Valeting FAQ

What services does an Aircraft Valeting company carry out?

An aircraft valet company can carry out a number of services for your aircraft, including but not limited to the following: Interior wipe down, exterior clean and detailing, Interior deep clean and detailing, carpet cleaning, Cockpit cleaning, wash and wax service, paint protection application, sealant treatment, upholstery cleaning and hygiene disinfection and sanitation.

What are the benefits of using an Aircraft Valet?

Aircraft valet companies specialise in the cleaning of aircraft and as such are training in understanding the importance of using safe, aviation-approved materials as well as protecting delicate instruments to avoid harming your aircraft in the cleaning process. 

Why should I have my Aircraft Valeted?

As well as the aesthetic benefits, cleaning and protecting your aircraft can help prevent decolourisation, fading, and oxidisation and improve the overall life of your aircraft.

What training and certification should an Aircraft Valet company have?

Whilst there are no formal qualifications or certification for an aircraft detailer, they must follow the guidance set out by the FAA and ICAO to prevent damage to your aircraft. You should ask to see their insurance and verify that they are using aviation-grade cleaning chemicals and materials. 

How much does it cost to Valet an aircraft?

This can depend on the nature of the work and the size of your aircraft. For example, a wash of a small aircraft such as a Cessna could be £100, whereas a deep clean of a jet could be £2,500. A valeting company will have a menu card of services that they offer with add-ons that are not included within their valet packages.

Is there an aircraft that is too small or too big for Aircraft Valeting?

No, most aircraft valet companies can look after a range of different aircraft, as well as fleets of varying sizes. No job is too big or too small!

How often should my aircraft be cleaned?

This is dependent on the aircraft type, how often the aircraft is being used and the level of expectations of the owner. Your aircraft valet company can advise on a service schedule with you.

Do I need to sign up for a service schedule or can my aircraft be cleaned just once?

There are no minimum contracts or requirements set by aircraft valet companies, whether you have your aircraft once a week or just a single time, you will receive the same attention to detail and level of care. 

How much notice is needed to clean an aircraft by an Aircraft Valet company?

The more notice the better, however most aircraft valet companies understand that last-minute cleanings can be required and they can usually do some work in as little as a few hours’ notice.  That being said, larger projects can take some time to plan and require specialist equipment and materials to be coordinated.