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Air Shows, also known as Air Fair, Airshow & Air Tattoo are yearly events held all over the world, where the aviation community and local people can come together to enjoy aerobatic demonstrations, vintage & military aircraft, aviation related stalls & exhibitors, guest speakers & workshops, aircraft suppliers, merchandise, fun fairs and lots of food & drink. Some of these Airshows will offer the ability to fly-in and park at the event.

Aviation Trade Shows offer a great place for aviation industry professionals to network, do business and discover the latest technological innovations. An enriched programme of industry experts will provide seminars, debates and keynote speeches. Big and small aviation manufacturers & suppliers are able to showcase their products and aviation service providers can demonstrate their services to meet the demands of an ever changing industry.

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Air Shows & Trade Shows FAQ

An airshow is an event at which aircraft are displayed to the general public. They often include aerial acrobatics or flight demonstrations, however some airshows are static and only include aircraft that are parked up, giving visitors a chance to view the aircraft up close.

Trade shows are usually limited to those who are actively working in the aviation industry and the general public is not usually allowed to attend the exhibition. They are an opportunity for aircraft manufacturers and aviation companies to exhibit their products and services to potential customers.