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About Gliding Clubs

Do you want to try Gliding in a Sailplane or Glider? How about joining a Gliding Club, Gliding Centre, Gliding Association, Gliding Society, Soaring Club, Soaring Association or Soaring Center?

On AvPay you can find Gliding Clubs in your area and find-out which airfields they operate from. Book glider trial lessons, glider trial flights, gliding experiences, glider training, pay for glider launches, learn to fly gliders, learn to thermal soar and join a gliding club.

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Gliding Club FAQ

What is a Gliding Club?

A gliding club is a collection of individuals who come together with a shared interest in gliders and gliding to share resources and help each other achieve their dream of flying. 

What is a Glider?

Gliders are aircraft without engines, also known as sailplanes. Most are single-seaters, however two-seaters are also used for fun flying with friends and for training.

Where can you Glide?

There are dozens of sites throughout the UK stretching from the Highlands of Scotland to the southwest tip of England. Wherever you live in the world you’ll never be far from a gliding club!

How do I find a Gliding Club?

Find your nearest club using the AvPay Gliding Club Directory, where Gliding Clubs all over the world are listed.

When can you Glide?

Glider clubs operate throughout the year with the summer months providing the best thermals and weather conditions to stay aloft for prolonged periods of time.

What can stop me from Gliding?

Weather is the main reason for not being able to glide. Winds over 30 mph, a low cloud base and heavy rain can all prevent a glider from launching. 

Can I try gliding without being a pilot?

Yes, you can buy a gliding experience with a gliding instructor or glider club from the AvPay Marketplace here

What can I expect from a Gliding Experience?

Glider Experiences vary from provider to provider. You can usually expect to receive a gift voucher and pre-experience advice. On the day your gliding instructor will conduct a pre-flight brief, answering your questions before taking to the sky and enjoying a glide and potentially taking the controls yourself. 

At what age can you start Gliding?

In the UK the minimum age to fly solo is 14 years of age. The Royal Air Force Air Cadets start training cadets to glide from 13 years and 3 months of age. Check with a local gliding centre to see what the age requirements are in your own country.