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About Aircraft Aviation Museums

Aviation Museums have a wonderful historic collection of aircraft including military aircraft from the RAF and US Air Forces. You can see Warbirds, Cold War Jets, First World War aircraft, Second World War aircraft and fighter jets. They also have outdoor and indoor hangers devoted to all other types of aircraft and memorabilia.

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Aviation Museums FAQ

What is an Aviation Museum?

An aviation museum hosts a catalogue of displays, artefacts, memorabilia and aircraft celebrating the richness of aviation history. 

What subject matter do Aviation Museums cover?

Aviation museums cover a wide range of topics, from general aviation to niches such as historic achievements, air forces throughout the world and modern aviation.

What can I expect to see at an Aviation Museum?

Everything from historic artefacts, photographs, models and full-size aircraft there is plenty to see at an aviation museum. 

Are children welcome at Aviation Museums?

Children are welcome at aviation museums. As well as a fun day out they can be a valuable way to introduce and support children in STEM education.

How much time should I spend at an Aviation Museum?

Depending on the size and scope of the museum you can spend a few hours to several days viewing the exhibitions. You are usually welcome to spend as long as you like when visiting your favourite aviation museum.

How often should I visit an Aviation Museum?

Many museums have a large collection of artefacts which they simply can’t display all year round, so they generally have a mixture of permanent and temporary exhibitions throughout the year. We therefore recommend you visit your local aviation museum on a regular basis, to see everything they have on offer.

How do I get the most out of visiting an Aviation Museum?

Engage with the staff at the museum! They have a passion for aviation and will bring the artefacts to life with their knowledge. You may also be able to join a guided tour around the displays or enjoy a coffee in the cafe. 

How can I donate to an Aviation Museum?

You can find details of all the different ways to donate and support the work of Aviation museums here in the AvPay Aviation Museum Directory.

Do I need to book to visit an Aviation Museum?

Bookings are not necessarily needed, however they are recommended at busy times. Contact aviation museums directly through their business profile on AvPay to arrange your next trip.

How do I donate a piece of aviation memorabilia to a museum?

Many museums will be thrilled to receive a donation to their permanent collection. You should make contact with the museum before posting or delivering any items to them. One of their curators will then be able to advise if they can accept your kind offer.