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About Flight Simulator Experiences

Take to the skies and browse a wide range of companies that offer flight simulator experiences and flight simulator training. Whether you’re looking for a fun experience or for some flight simulator training, you’ll find what you need on the AvPay Flight Simulator Directory!

AvPay's network of flight simulator companies offer flight experiences in thousands of cities, with hundreds of aircraft options and in different weather scenarios. Using state of the art virtual reality, perform take offs & landings with fully functioning controls and buttons, just like in a real cock pit. Enjoy the ultimate realistic flight sim experience, suitable for beginners, future pilots and professional pilots of all levels.

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Flight Simulator Experience FAQ

What is a Flight Simulator Experience?

A flight simulator experience allows you to take control of a mock-up aircraft, with computer-generated images that give an immersive experience whilst remaining firmly on the ground.

Do I need to be a pilot to participate in a Flight Simulator Experience?

Whilst simulators are used to train pilots, you don’t need to be a pilot to enjoy a flight simulator experience. 

Will I have to fly the simulator on my own?

Usually, an experienced pilot will sit with you during your experience helping get the most out of your day and helping you navigate your way around the cockpit.

Where do Flight Simulator Experiences take place?

Flight simulator experiences are all over the globe and are not just at major airports. To find your nearest visit the AvPay Flight Simulator Directory.

What experience do I need to participate in a Flight Experience?

No experience is needed. Your simulator experience will be tailored to match your skill level.

Can a friend join me in my Flight Simulator Experience?

They are usually welcome to join you “on the ground”, however due to space limitations some simulators may not allow companions to observe your flying. 

What can I expect from a Flight Simulator Experience?

On the day you will have a briefing from the team and then usually a qualified pilot will sit alongside you while you take control of the simulator. You can then perform as many take-offs and landings as you can fit into your allocated time, or you may wish to fly an A to B route in various weather conditions.

Will the Flight Simulator move?

This depends on the equipment at your chosen flight simulator centre. Some flight simulators are fixed meaning they do not move, whereas the more advanced simulator mimics the motion of an aircraft with movement. 

Do Flight Simulators count towards hours?

Yes, approved flight simulators can count towards your commercial pilot's licence and your private pilot's licence. 

Do pilots use Flight Simulators?

Yes, pilots use flight simulators to practice basic procedures, cockpit familiarisation, emergency drills and other training.