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About Freelance Pilots

Freelance Pilot Directory for Aircraft Pilots looking for employment and Aviation Companies looking for Pilots.

Freelance Pilots can create a business profile on AvPay, and list which aircraft they’re type-rated on, location, licences, past work history and whatever else they think an employer would be interested in knowing. Pilots will receive job notifications from employers looking for Pilots throught the AvPay messaging system.

Aviation companies can use the AvPay Freelance Pilot Directory to find pilots to fly their fleet of aircraft, for one off flights or long term employment. Find an Aircraft Pilot easily with the Avpay Freelance Pilot Directory!

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Freelance Pilots FAQ

What is a Freelance Pilot?

A freelance pilot isn’t tied to a particular organisation, such as an airline, and are generally available for hire on an ad-hoc basis. Before choosing a freelance pilot, you should ensure they have the relevant experience on the aircraft type you’d like them to fly.

How do I become a Freelance Pilot?

In order to become a freelance pilot you first need to gain a Private Pilots License. Once you have built-up enough hours you can then gain a Commercial Pilots License, which will then allow you to fly in return for money.

What qualifications do I need to be a Freelance Pilot?

In order to be remunerated for flying, a pilot must hold a Commercial Pilots License.

How do i pay to use a Freelance Pilot?

Payment terms very from pilot-to-pilot. When dealing with a legitimate freelance pilot you can expect to be invoiced for any work carried-out.

What should I look for when hiring a Freelance Pilot?

Before hiring a freelance pilot, first check that they are a holder of a Commercial Pilots License and then verify they have the relevant experience to fly the aircraft you’ve like them to fly.