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About Airfield Cafes

Located next to airfields & airports, our airfield cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars, brasseries and grills provide the perfect place to eat & drink whilst enjoying the views of aircraft taking off and landing.

These picture perfect locations are great for plane spotters, families, visiting pilots and the general public to enjoy good quality food and drink at a great price and in an aviation themed establishment.

With seating indoors and outdoors and great views of the runway, why not book yourself a table for your next visit?

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Airfield Cafes FAQ

Do I need to be a pilot to visit an Airfield Cafe?

No, you do not need to be a pilot to visit an airfield café. Everyone is welcome! 

Are Airfield Cafes open to the general public?

Yes, airfield cafes are open to the general public.

Do I need to fly into an Airfield Cafe?

No, you are welcome to land your aircraft at the airfield, however you can also usually drive, cycle or walk to an airfield cafe.

What is on offer at an Airfield Cafe?

There is a wide range of food and drink available in airfield cafes from breakfast, sandwiches, snacks and more substation meals or you may wish to just pop in for a tea or coffee to takeaway.

Can I order ahead at an Airfield Cafe?

Most airfield cafes publish their menu online or on their social media pages. Ordering ahead is not necessary but can help if you are limited on time. 

Do I need to reserve a table at an Airfield Cafe?

Usually not. Airfield cafes are very casual and you will be able to walk in and be served.  At busier times we would always advise getting in touch to avoid disappointment.

Will there be a good view at an airfield cafe?

Being located in the centre of an airfield, cafes usually offer fantastic views of the airfield operations as well as aircraft taking off and landing. 

Where are Airfield Cafes located?

Airfield cafes are within the public space of an airfield usually with plenty of car parking for visitors. 

Is an Airfield Cafe good for plane spotters?

Yes, airfield cafes are a great venue for plane spotting. 

Can children visit an Airfield Cafe?

Yes, supervised children are welcome at airfield cafes and they are a fantastic day out for children of all ages.