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About Aircraft Charter Brokers

Aircraft Charter Brokers organise private aircraft charters for private clients. When a client asks a broker to find them a flight, the charter broker will usually send them a range of customisable options for the trip, along with the pricing for each option. Private aircraft passengers can select the aircraft they fly in as well as the private jet lounge they travel through (referred to as an FBO, a Fixed Based Operator). It’s common for VIP transport to be arranged to and from the airport either by the broker or by the FBO. Passengers can also select their meal plans as well as their VIP cabin crew. The main advantage of using an aircraft charter broker is that they can create a fully bespoke experience and will take away the hassle of arranging everything for the trip.



Aircraft Charter Brokers FAQ

What is an Aircraft Charter Broker?

An aircraft charter broker is a specialist in aviation and transport. Their objective is to transfer a customer's brief to a fully tailored service. This includes providing advice on aircraft type, destination airport, onward travel, visa requirements and weather among other factors.

Does an Aircraft Charter Broker have to be local to me?

Not necessarily. Aircraft charter brokers work globally and whilst it may feel necessary to select an aircraft charter broker close to your hometown, you don’t have to as charter brokers will simply bring the plane to where you need it. 

Why travel by Private Jet?

There are many benefits to travelling by private jet. Flying by private jet is convenient, there is no schedule, the charter is based on your needs and not the schedule of an airline, it’s time-saving, the airport experience is swift and there are no lengthy stop-overs, allowing you to fly directly to remote airfields close to your destination.

Who can use an Air Charter Broker?

Just about anyone can instruct an aircraft broker. Arranging an aircraft charter can appear daunting, however if you follow the correct guidance, it can be a fantastic way to travel. You should be aware of how to book a flight safely and avoid inadvertently chartering illegally, as well as booking an aircraft and pilot that adheres to the strict regulations set out by the authorities.

What should I look for when instructing an Air Charter Broker?

Use accredited members of the Air Charter Association (ACA), check the operator's licence, Air Operator Certificate (AOC), certificate of airworthiness and insurance and check your pilot is appropriately trained and qualified.

What services does an Aircraft Charter Broker offer?

As well as offering the actual flight, air charter brokers can assist with several other services to assist with your travels including onward travel, border control, visas and any other red tape, catering for your flight, transfer of baggage to the aircraft and pre-flight lounge access to name a few. 

What do Aircraft Charter Brokers do?

A charter broker will save you time searching for what you think you need on the internet or through phone calls. You’re busy so leave the work to a qualified and competent charter broker!

Why should I use an Aircraft Charter Broker?

Using an aircraft charter broker can save you time and money, as well as cut through the bureaucracy. Unlike an operator who may be restricted to the aircraft that they have in their fleet, a charter broker will look at the entire market to match your brief to a suitable aircraft and operator. 

What happens if there is an issue with the aircraft?

By using an aircraft charter broker, you have a certain level of protection. Should your aircraft have a mechanical issue before departure, you may have very few options with a direct operator and your funds may be tied up with them. Whereas an aircraft charter broker will potentially have a backup aircraft available with a different supplier, without you being forced to pay for the second flight and then chase the original operator for a refund.

Is travelling by private jet reserved for the ultra-wealthy?

Definitely not! Reasons why you may choose to fly with an aircraft charter broker include family travel, business trips, and medical repatriation. With all things considered it can be comparable on a per-seat basis to the cost of a first-class ticket with a major airline.