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The AvPay Aviation Charity Directory makes it easy to learn about each aviation charities' work, so that you can find a cause that matters to you. Each aviation charity profile contains an overview of each charity's mission along with a donation button, where you can place donations online.

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Aviation Charities FAQ

What are Aviation Charities?

The main purpose of an aviation charity is to enhance the lives of the community. This could be through providing medical transportation and aid to remote areas in an emergency, supporting individuals to make a career in the aviation industry or preserving the heritage of aviation key achievements for future generations to see.

How can I support an Aviation Charity?

You can donate to your favourite aviation charity both financially and in-kind with your time. If you have a particular skill and have time on your hands you may consider becoming a volunteer at your local aviation charity.

How do Aviation Charities fund themselves?

Aviation charities are usually independent and self-funded, meaning they generate their own income and don’t rely on government funding.  This can be through many activities including fundraising, commercial activity and partnerships with large companies. 

When do Aviation Charities need my support?

Fundraising for an aviation charity never stops. Whilst an emphasis may be in place during emergencies, aviation charities require constant funding.

How do I donate something that isn't money or my time?

Aviation charities welcome donations in all shapes and sizes provided they are useful to them. For example, printer paper for their office. This being said, please don’t just send them anything before you have checked with the charity that what you are planning to send them is useful.  If a donated item isn’t needed it could end up costing the charity money to store or dispose of the item.