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Aviation Photographers FAQ

What is Aviation Photography?

Aviation photography is the art of capturing images of aircraft for use in promoting your aircraft, sales, marketing and much more.

How do I select a good Aviation Photographer?

Ask to see their portfolio of previous work, review their online presence, ask friends and relatives for recommendations and focus on their specialities. 

What are the different types of Aviation Photography?

Aviation photography can include images captured air to air, ground to air, static ground shots and interior cabin images. 

Why would I need to hire a professional photographer?

In short, they can do things better! With their training, equipment and experience they know how to capture high-quality images that you will be proud of. 

Why would I need an Aviation Photographer?

Owners may choose to commission a set of professional images of their aircraft to display at home or share with friends. For those engaged with the sale of an aircraft, a set of professionally shot images will certainly make your aircraft listing stand out from the crowd. 

Can I purchase stock images of aircraft?

Yes, many aviation photographers have a collection of ready-to-use images for aviation enthusiasts. 

Will an Aviation Photographer edit the images?

On the day your photographer may capture hundreds of images. Usually, they will edit them and present you with a set of curated images that match your brief and showcase your aircraft at its best. 

When is best for an Aviation Photographer to shoot my aircraft?

There are many factors that can dictate this: time of year, sunset and sunrise times, local weather conditions and restrictions on where the aircraft is stored. Your photographer will work closely with you to achieve the best images for you.

What preparation will I need to complete before a photoshoot?

To get the most out of your photographer’s time, you should communicate a list of the shots of your aircraft you would like, ensure your aircraft is clean and looking its best and position your aircraft with a good backdrop. If you are shooting interiors, have props to hand such as cushions, flowers and other accessories and ensure your photographer has the necessary access permission with your airfield. 

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