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About Aircraft Ferrying

Aircraft Ferrying or Ferry Flying is the relocation of an aircraft for the purposes of returning to base, delivery to a customer or moving an aircraft to another location.

On AvPay you can search a range of cost-effective aircraft delivery services. Our network of flight ferry companies are able to offer worldwide aircraft ferrying as well as obtaining overflight & landing permits, flight panning and International clearances . They will take care of the entire process ensuring your aircraft is delivered safely and on time. Contact the aircraft ferry companies through their profile. Once fees have been negotiated, you can pay for the ferry flight via each company’s AvPay profile. Browse the AvPay Aircraft Ferrying Directory to find an aircraft flight ferry pilot.

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Aircraft Ferrying FAQ

What is Aircraft Ferrying?

Ferry flying is the movement of an aircraft back to base, delivery to a customer, from one operational base to another, to or from a maintenance facility for repair or maintenance. It is usually completed as a non-revenue flight without passengers or cargo.

What services does an Air Ferrying company offer?

Ferrying an aircraft isn't just simply moving from A to B, as there could be a range of reasons why the aircraft needs to be relocated. A ferry company can also sometimes assist with pre-buy aircraft inspections, ferry modifications, Aircraft Acceptance / Demonstration / Test-flights, Permits, Administrative support, customs clearance, act as a safety pilot and help with flight planning,

Why would I need to use an Air Ferry Company?

An air ferry company will use their expertise in this unique part of the aviation industry to assist you to navigate the technical and red tape hurdles associated with the safe transportation of your aircraft around the world. 

What Aircraft can be Ferried?

No matter the type of air ferry flight, the ferry-flight service sector can fly any aircraft, from a light Piper J-3 Cub to a heavy Airbus A380.

How do I find a pilot to Ferry my Aircraft?

To find a ferry pilot you may choose to go with a recommendation from a friend. If that is not possible, the AvPay directory has a comprehensive list of experienced Ferry Pilots and companies to help transport your aircraft. 

What is a Ferry Flight Pilot?

Ferry flight pilots are a specific sector in the aviation industry and are not just freelance pilots. Their skills are unique as the airworthiness of their aircraft could be at their limits before the start of the ferry flight requiring both experience and expertise for a smooth flight. 

Do I need to be present when my Aircraft is Ferried?

This is entirely up to you. You may wish to fly the aircraft yourself with the support of a safety pilot, or you may choose to be completely handed off and let an aircraft ferry company handle the entire relocation of your aircraft.

Do I need to prepare my aircraft for an Air Ferry company?

In order to relocate your aircraft, a ferry company will carry out a pre-flight inspection of both the aircraft and its documentation. If needed they will then prepare a list of items that will need to be modified before the ferry flight can take place. Your ferry company will either complete these modifications themselves or communicate this to your chosen maintenance organisation.

What modifications will my aircraft need before a ferry flight?

This will be recommended by the ferry company before your flight. For example, this could be the addition of temporary fuel tanks, to support a route that is longer than the current range of the aircraft if crossing the Atlantic or supplying a satellite phone for routes to remote parts of the globe.

How much notice do I need to give to an Air Ferrying company?

Short, domestic aircraft ferries can be turned around in a few days to a week. The longer notice the better, especially if you have complex routing or special equipment that needs to be installed on your aircraft. It is recommended to begin your conversation with an aircraft ferry company as soon as possible, even if you are only at the planning stages of purchasing an aircraft. They are a fantastic resource to use in the pre-purchase phase.