Professional drone footage since its inception in 2015, Up Sonder has cemented its reputation as the longest-running and most trusted drone service company in the United States. Up Sonder’s leadership in connecting businesses with FAA-certified drone pilots is unmatched. With over 448,000 hours of pilot experience, our network spans over 1,000 cities across America, solidifying Up Sonder as the top choice for commercial real estate firms and international clients.


Why Commercial Real Estate Firms and International Clients Choose Up Sonder:

  • Consistent Pricing: No matter where your property is located in America, anticipate fixed, transparent pricing. Up Sonder ensures peace of mind with upfront costs for all projects we personally oversee.
  • Geographical Reach: For firms with vast portfolios, consistency and quality are paramount. Up Sonder guarantees uniformity in drone footage, be it for marketing, surveying, analysis, or tracking construction progress.
  • Efficiency and Expertise: Simply provide an address, and we manage the entire project from start to finish. Our all-encompassing process includes:
    • Pilot evaluation and selection
    • Strategic scheduling
    • Airspace verification
    • FAA compliance and waiver documentation
    • Comprehensive flight planning
    • Project management
    • Meticulous data maintenance and video editing


Tailored Flexibility for Agents:

While Up Sonder offers end-to-end project management, we understand the need for autonomy. Our platform is designed for agents who prefer a hands-on approach. Delve into the Up Sonder marketplace, and you have the option to directly coordinate with drone pilots, manage project aspects, and potentially achieve even greater cost efficiencies.


Your Strategic Advantage with Up Sonder:

Elevate your commercial real estate operations with Up Sonder’s unrivaled drone expertise. Enhance property visualization, optimize surveys, and derive actionable insights with our cutting-edge drone solutions. With transparent pricing and bespoke flexibility, we position your firm at the forefront of the competition.

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