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2012 Peña Bilouis Single Engine Piston Aircraft For Sale

Very nice, Amateur Homebuilt Aerobatic Aircraft, certified in the French Restricted Category. The Bilouis is a development of the single-seat Peña Capeña & like the Capeña, it is aerobatic. Cantilever low-wing. Two-seats-in-tandem enclosed cockpit under a bubble canopy. Fixed conventional landing gear (Tail Dragger). Stick Control, Hydraulic Brakes, Electric Flaps & Good Visibility. Also Good for Travelling.

Airplane (Single Engine Piston)
Serial Number:
Reg. Number:
Total Time:
80 Hours
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Company / Seller Location: Switzerland, TI, Gordola

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Wing Span: 8 m (26.2 ft)
Wing Area: 10 m2 (110 sq ft)
Empty Weight: 610 Kg
Maximum Take Off Weight: 850 Kg (770 Kg for Aerobatics)
25 Kg Baggage Compartment
Fuel Capacity: 105 Liters Usable
Main Fuselage Tank: 60 Liters (45 Usable)
2 Wing Tanks: 30 Liters Each (For Travelling)
Good Aerobatic Performance, similar to a Single Engine Aerobatic Aircraft
Good Take Off & Landing Side Wind Handling
The Aircraft will be certified for +6 / -3 G at 770 kg & is built to sustain +8 / -6 G’s

Overhaul: SNEW
Type 180 hp Lycoming O-360-A1D
Serial Number: L-4727-36
Total Time: Around 2000 hours
Time Since Overhaul: 80 hours
Overhauled in 2012 by the previous owner (Valve Seats, Piston Rings).
Good Oil Analysis Reports

Type: 2 Blades, Metal, Constant Speed Hartzell Propeller HC-C2YK-1BF
Serial Number: CH12994
Propeller & governor Overhauled by MT Propeller, Germany in 2017, with EASA Form 1

– Original Composite Main Landing Gear replaced with Grove Aircraft Landing Gear after ground damage (minor repair) occurred in 2017
– Tail Gear Spring replaced in 2017-2018 by Aéro Restauration Services with with interconnection to the rudder controls
– Electric Flaps Actuator rebuilt in 2017 by Aéro Restauration Services with an industrial actuator of 50 DAN (Deca Newton)
– Electrical Wire Harness remanufactured in 2019 by Aéro Restauration Services
– Wing Fuel Tanks overhauled & all Fuel Lines replaced in 2022 by Mobile Air Services in Bex, Switzerland
– Wing Spar inspected & Accepted by OSAC for Aerobatic classification (in progress).
The aircraft will be classed in the aerobatic category in the next months

Avionics / Radios
Pilot & Co-pilot Instrument Panels

Co-pilot Panel (Front) equipped with:
Magnetic Compass
Airspeed Indicator
Manifold Pressure Indicator

Pilot Instrument Panel (Rear) equipped with:
Airspeed Indicator
Vertical Speed Indicator (Variometer)
2 Inclinometers, one for straight & one for inverted flight
Funke ATR833S Radio 8.33 kHz, installed in 2016
Funke TRT800A Transponder S, installed in 2016
Oil Pressure Indicator
Oil Temperature Indicator
Cylinder Head Temperatrure & Exhaust Gas Temperature Indicator
General (Master) Switch
Alternator Circuit Breaker
Field Switch
Pump Switch
Radio Switch
Strobe Lights Switch
Navigation Lights Switch
Booster Pump Switch¨
Oil Pressure Warning Light
Flaps Switch
Starter & Magnetos Switch
Utilities & Spare Circuit Breakers
Battery, 12 Volts, 20 Ah

Additional Equipment
Ellisson Carburettor
Christen Inverted Oil SystemSmoke Tinted One Piece Canopy
Aileron Spades
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Electric Flaps
Strobe Lights
LED Landing & Taxi Lights
SkyTec Starter
Ellison Carburettor, Designed by Ben Ellison US Made, High Quality, Very Efficient, No Float, Resistant to Ice, Capable to Work at any Angle, including Inverted

White with black & yellow accents, in very good condition. Painted in 2012

2 seats, grey interior. Interior installed 2012

Inspection Status
Permit to Fly renewed 08/05/2022 & valid till 16/05/2025

Specifications subject to verification by purchaser & aircraft subject to withdrawal from the sales at any time without notice.