GPT 3 Axiom Glider Trailer For Sale

The GPT 3 Axiom Glider Trailer is a premium-design transportation trailer designed & developed by GPG, dedicated primarily for use with the GP 14 VELO & GP 15 JETA ships, in addition it is available with different internal furniture systems to accommodate & support many other types of gliders as well.

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This GPT 3 Axiom Glider Trailer For Sale offers a very attractive, complementary package to the gliders, both in terms of aesthetics & functionality. Its unique construction provides easy & convenient, parallel storage & effortless assembly of one fuselage & two wing sets (13,5 + 15 m).

It utilizes lightweight, compact two-piece glass-epoxy composite construction of the storage box, supported by light & rigid full-length steel wheel frame with anti-corrosive protection coating. Streamlined shape contribute to very low towing drag, as well as good cross-wind resistance & high stability in all driving conditions, reducing fuel consumption & driver’s fatigue.
The standard equipment consists only of high quality AL-KOTM chassis parts & components, with standard overrun wheel brakes, as well as all-LED exterior lighting.
The furniture of the trailer enables single-man operations during rigging, de-rigging & maintenance of the glider. The vast front boot space & additional storage compartments allow the users to take everything needed to the airfield, for a longer trip or even vacation. Among its original features there is e.g. SPSP (Sustainable Power Supply Package) including solar panels on top of the box & buffer Li-Ion battery for effectively independent recharges of glider traction battery from renewable source & water tank with electric pump for backache free airfield fill-ups & others. Specifications of the GPT 3 Axiom Glider Trailer For Sale include:

Length total/box: 30,45/27,99 ft 9, 280/8 530 mm
Width total/box: 6,27/4,63 ft, 1 910/1 430 mm
Height total/box: 6,23/4,23 ft, 1 900/1 380 mm
Empty weight: 1 213 lb*, 550 kg*
Gross weight: 2 200 lb*, 1 000 kg*
* Approximate weights (dependent on selected options)


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