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Airbus A320 Flight Simulator Experiences in Moscow, Russia
Airbus A320 Flight Simulator Experiences in Moscow, Russia
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Airbus A320 Flight Simulator Experiences in Moscow, Russia

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The flight simulator accurately reproduces every aspect of a real flight, with you behind the controls. While flying in adverse weather conditions might be a challenge for beginner pilots, one can master basic elements of the flight, such as take-off, landing & following a flight path. Learning is easier than ever with an experienced instructor at your side.

Regular experiences are available Sunday – Thursday (not available on weekends and holidays)

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Your instructor will advise you on flight sequences as well as the logic behind piloting an aircraft. You will learn why you must warm up the engines, monitor your plane’s flaps, when you should switch on autopilot, & much more. By the end of your first session, you will have an understanding of what the crew of a passenger airliner does in various situations.

Understanding the essence of piloting operations helps many people cope with aerophobia & uncontrollable panic attacks. Our pilot instructors are calm, collect, & a symbol of real professionalism. Visitors will feel confident in the presence of our pilot instructors & support staff. We pride ourselves on being role models for everyone, inside & outside of aviation.


Our incredibly accurate & detailed visualization system fully imitates a real flight environment & aircraft operations. The computer system we use remembers real-life approaches to different airports, including their take-off & landing equipment as well as unique local features.

State-of-the-art engineering solutions allow for unparalleled visualization on our simulators. The in-flight audio will also match that of a real flight environment.


Many people are afraid of flying. This is a normal reaction when placed in an uncomfortable environment. Most people can easily keep these fears under control, but when fear takes hold, you experience what is known as a phobia. Phobias have a profoundly negative effect on our lives, & they must be addressed as serious concerns. Phobias are often detached from objective reality, & in many instances are irrational. Someone with aerophobia may have never flown before, but nevertheless, that person may be fearful. Comparably, they may be aware that riding in a car is much more dangerous, yet, they still may be unable to overcome their phobia.

Unfortunately, aerophobia occurs in many people. According to some researchers, up to 20% of people choose not to fly because of this condition. This is happening at the time when moving quickly & across large distances is essential in everyday life. Many types of activities & lifestyles rely on fast, efficient & most importantly, safe travel.

Often, people do not seem to overcome their phobias without getting some form of help. Although many people take medication or drink alcohol, panic attacks happen time & time again. Psychologists have developed methods for overcoming aerophobia, which allow people to return to normal life & stop imposing travel limitations on themselves.

One of the most effective methods for overcoming aerophobia involves virtual reality simulation, such as practicing on a flight simulator. The idea is to provide exposure in a controlled environment, followed by vigorous exercises, in an effort to overcome the fear. People are able to manage their panic attacks more successfully knowing that things are under control. To some extent, this is similar to the difference of what you experience being the driver versus the passenger.


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