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Airbus A320 Flight Simulator Experiences at City Airport Manchester

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Our Airbus A320 Flight Simulator is fitted with authentic pedestal, overhead controls and panels with exact reproductions of the real switches, knobs, dials and levers found in the real aircraft and genuine Airbus side sticks for the ultimate feel and immersion. The outside world is created using state of the art electronic graphics, enabling almost any airport anywhere in the world to be accessed using the powerful computers to generate the perfect scenario of being on stand at Manchester, Munich or Moscow.

The simulator offers an extremely immersive experience due to its 24 foot curved 210 degree curved screen so, when you look out of the cockpit windows, you see an uninterrupted view of exactly what you would see in the aircraft.

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Our simulator runs Prosim A320 flight model & avionics software, the market leader and supplier to many professional certified flight simulators. The software replicates all electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic & fuel systems down to the last detail. Any system failure imaginable can be set up.

We have instructors with many years of experience in the aviation industry, who are great teachers committed to sharing their enthusiasm with professionals, beginners, hobbyists and casual thrill-seeking customers looking to hone their skills, overcome fear of flying or share an interesting experience with friends or loved ones (above 15 years old).

You will sit in the Captains or First Officers seat as you wish and fly from take-off to landing under the guidance of our experts. The simulator can accommodate two people who can take turns to manoeuvre the aircraft, allowing the pilot to pick a route anywhere around the globe with scenarios available, limited only by your imagination.

Terms & Conditions

Do the simulators move?

No. They are fixed base simulators, meaning that there is no motion; so no seat belts or sick bags are required. The dynamic and realistic 270 degree visuals give such an immersive experience that you can feel the sensation of motion however.  

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, up to one additional guest can be accommodated in the simulator for experienced pilots.

Where are the simulators?

We are based at  City Airport & Heliport, Manchester, M30 7SA (formerly Barton Aerodrome) .

Do I need flight experience to use the simulator?

Not at all. We are equipped to handle all levels of experience from beginners to current pilots! We have instructors to assist you, whether its your first time or you just need a sandbag pilot. 

Can I hire the simulator for a day or for several people?

Of course! We can cater for many different bespoke scenarios if you are looking for extra sim time or even the whole day. We are able to offer bespoke packages for corporate days, or if you want to bring the whole family down and spend half or a whole day in the simulator. Just call or email us and we'll be able to help. 

Do you have disabled accessibility?

We are currently working on ramp access to the simulator building and into the simulator so that everyone can enjoy the experience, however we do have wide access pilot seats so that those with restricted movement can use the simulator.  

Is there an age limit?

There is no upper age limit, however the minimum limit is 15 years of age.