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Expert Session on the Airbus A320 Flight Simulator in Brussels


Spice up your simulation with the AviaSim Expert Pack!
The AviaSim Expert session allows you to enjoy the most complete experience with the airliner simulator. You are the Captain, you choose the program with your professional pilot instructor. The latter will adapt completely to your level to make the experience accessible to beginners as well as to the passionate & experienced. So rest assured, the Expert Pack does not mean that this pack is only dedicated to experienced pilots.
The AviaSim Expert session will allow you to experience a first lap to take control of the device. You can then spice up the simulation by adding breakdowns for example, adding a degraded weather or flying to the most complicated airports in the world. Once you’re comfortably in the simulator, you can take several laps & complete flights from one airport to another.
Some ideas: Start with a flight between 2 airports like the real crew, then take up the challenges proposed by your instructor like landing with a faulty engine, or in the fog.
Share your experience with a second person by choosing the 20 minutes + 1 pilot option. & do not forget, 3 places are available at the back of the simulator for the passengers.

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Valid for 18 months (12 + 6 months free)
130 minutes of flying + 20 minutes of cockpit briefing
Airliner flight simulator
Choice of destination among 24000 airports
For beginners & enthusiasts, from 10 years
3 free passengers included, with no age limit
Book directly by phone with the chosen centre